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So that you can use our service without any problems, please read this important information.

ATTENTION! Our site does not work in the OPERA browser

IMPORTANT! You can use our services if you have browser versions not lower than:

Firefox from version 24
Google Chrome from version 24

If your versions are older, then they need to be updated. Otherwise, the video broadcast will not work.

IMPORTANT! Your browser may ask you to grant access to your webcam. Agree to this to be able to use the services of our service. This process is used by the security system of your browser and we cannot influence it.

If the girl you need is not online, then you can send her a message through the gallery.
She will always receive it.

If you want the services to be provided immediately without delays, replenish your account on our website in advance. In the case of a direct purchase of the service, the transfer of funds can sometimes take quite a long time and the service has the right to switch to another client if the waiting time is more than 5 minutes. In this case, the service will be canceled, and the money will be credited to your account in our system and you can use them another time.

If you need to suddenly interrupt the game, leave the game room or even from the site, please do not worry. Your money will not be wasted. We record the state of the game in the database and you can always resume the interrupted game from the same place where you left off. The condition is that the service serving you online is available. Transferring the game to another service is not possible. Look in the service data for the indicated time of presence on the site.

The conditions of the game are different for different girls. See each separately in the description.